My VOBox stands for Virtual Office Box instead of Post Office Box. We are a digital mailbox service that allows you to access your physical mail via any computer, tablet or smartphone. Receive, save, print, or delete your mail with the click of a button.

Your virtual mailbox is a U.S. address with your own personal VOBox number so we know which mail is yours. 

Unlike the competition, every single piece of your mail is scanned and categorized for you and you decide to save, print, unsubscribe or delete. All physical mail is automatically shredded, once we have verified the scan was successful, as one step in our over-the-top security of all your data.

Manage your physical mail any time, from anywhere - a complete virtual mailbox solution. Never go to the post office or mail box again!


How do I change from my current mailing address to my personal My VOBox?


Simple, follow the link to the USPS change of address form on our website and opt in to have your mail forwarded for two months to your new My VOBox. That should give you time to contact all of your mailers and give them your new My VOBox number and address, voila!