Being the God fearing, American loving company that we are, we are so thankful for the men and women who serve in our armed forces every day! Those who give up family and home to make sure we are safe! What a selfless act of patriotism and the My VoBox team sincerely thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. Though you may be serving thousands of miles away from home, stay on top of important communication via your MyVobox account. We offer steeply discounted rates available for anyone with an active military ID, email us for more information.


How nice it is to have a dedicated and secure place to send your mail, but aren’t you tired of having to drive to the post office to get it? We offer the exact same thing as a P.O. Box except we get your mail and upload it to your account so you never have to deal with the hassle of going to the post office to check your P.O. Box but can do it from home in your pajamas! Is that a pair of footie pajamas we see in your future?


After months or perhaps years of meticulous planning and scrimping, saving, penny pinching and coupon clipping…you are finally able to take that long vacation or sabbatical you have always dreamed of! Good for you, we are here to help! Stay on the go as you travel the world but don’t miss a payment sent via United States Postal Service or miss a bill as you can remotely check your physical mail via your very own My VoBox account!


Are you living off the grid in a tent somewhere fulfilling the great commission as given by Jesus in Mathew 28? Then we want to help you have more time to spread the good news by providing a great deal on your USPS mail online! Email us to get our discounted price packages available for the servants of the Lord, we’ll send you a link. We know you can’t be saved by works, but we should still help each other out!


Do you work or live overseas? Well if so, you can now receive mail online without having to rely on that annoying neighbor or cousin. So go ahead and take that dream job. Your connection to home and important documents are just one click away and you’re welcome for not having to interact with that obnoxious neighbor or cousin! But be nice to them, you still need someone to cut your grass!


Technology has certainly made it possible to run your business in transit. You’re not tied to a location any more. Free yourself from your postal mail too. Sign up today for your own My VoBox, it is the best way to keep up with letters, invoices and payments. You’ll never lose contact with your clients. We offer world class customer service and features that are adaptable and able to fit the way you live and work.


If you have more frequent flyer points and hotel loyalty platinum memberships than you have time to redeem any of these points, odds are you fit into this category. One of the many hard working Americans who keep our infrastructures and companies going through your tireless work effort, sound like you? Let us make your life easier, a My VoBox will be one less thing to worry about, stay on top of all your personal affairs even when away from home.


Are you a long haul driver who only makes it home bi-weekly or even less? Well we can’t thank you enough for your dedication and hard work to haul the goods that keep America going from coast to coast! We have discounted pricing available for our CDL friends, email or call today for more information!


Do you frequently move from city to city for your job or perhaps in search of the highest paying gig you can land? Well we are all for you doing that, seize the day and make the most of every moment and we truly hope you find what you are looking for and true happiness. But in the mean time, let us take one more stressor off your plate while we manage and upload all your mail!